Transbatur, which has been growing continuously since its establishment, offers a premium logistics experience to its customers with a comprehensive range of services and modern solutions. Our extensive operations in various logistics modes such as road, sea, air, and intermodal transportation allow our customers to optimize their supply chain management and gain a competitive advantage in international markets.


In road transportation, we ensure secure and timely deliveries with a wide-owned fleet and integrated tracking systems. In sea transportation, we collaborate with strategic ports worldwide to reduce costs. For air transportation, we provide fast solutions for urgent and sensitive shipments, and in intermodal transportation, we integrate different modes of transportation to offer more sustainable and efficient solutions.


Our customer-centric approach, technology-based solutions, and global network enable us to commit to providing the most effective and innovative solutions to our customers’ logistics needs.

Road Freight

Transbatur focuses on maximizing benefits for our customers in road transportation. While leveraging the speed advantage of this mode of transportation, we also prioritize cargo safety.


Constituting 95% of our operations, road transportation is handled with our fully owned fleet of young and state-of-the-art vehicles, along with integrated trailers, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions.


We serve various sectors, including pharmaceutical and medical, food, high technology, and hazardous materials. With certifications that prove our quality and strategic investments in our state-of-the-art vehicle fleet, we continually raise the bar for reliable transportation on the road.


With our central location, experienced staff, and technological infrastructure, we develop customer and cargo-specific, optimal logistics solutions.

  • FTL and FTL
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Safe Operations
Kara Yolu Taşımacılığı

We monitor all of our operations and implement alternative plans for every possible scenario.

Air Freight

Transbatur always listens to the needs and demands of our customers and develops different solutions accordingly. One of these solutions is air transportation, where we deliver urgent and high-value cargo to the designated destination in the shortest possible time.


With our direct air cargo services from any airport in Turkey to any airport worldwide, we create a difference.


Thanks to our strong network, we always offer our customers the most competitive prices.

Hava Yolu Taşımacılığı

For your urgent logistics needs, we generate instant solutions.


Transbatur provides sustainable and cost-effective logistics solutions to customers through intermodal transportation. By integrating different modes of transportation, such as road, rail, and sea, we offer flexible and optimized shipping options. This method allows the transported cargo to move more efficiently and environmentally friendly, reducing the carbon footprint.


Additionally, with intermodal transportation, we promise timely deliveries to our customers by minimizing delays in logistic processes.


With integrated tracking systems and our technological infrastructure, customers can confidently track the location of their cargo at any time and manage their logistics chains more effectively. Intermodal transportation, combined with principles of reliability, efficiency, and environmental sustainability, offers our customers a comprehensive logistics solution, providing a competitive advantage.

İntermodal Taşımacılık

We provide efficient and environmentally friendly intermodal solutions.

Sea Freight

We produce tailored solutions for our customers in maritime transportation. In addition to safely transporting your cargo from any port in Turkey to any port worldwide, we also provide support in unloading/loading at the port and delivery to the consignee.


We steer your global trade securely and efficiently through maritime transportation. Thanks to our extensive maritime network and strategic port partnerships, we offer comprehensive transportation services worldwide. Our experienced team minimizes costs and optimizes delivery processes by transporting all types of cargo on the most suitable routes.


With electronic tracking systems and continuously updated information flow, our customers can track the location of their cargo in real-time and manage their operations more effectively. Maritime transportation strengthens global logistics chains by offering an economical and reliable option for long-distance and large-volume shipments.

Deniz Yolu Taşımacılığı

We offer comprehensive transportation services worldwide.