Established in 2002 as Transbatur, during our journey spanning more than 20 years in the industry, we have not only consistently grown but also enhanced our service quality through continuous investments. We conduct our operations in accordance with national and international regulations, utilizing our expert team and modern infrastructure.

In Europe, we are the only logistics company that combines a high-tech security-regulated vehicle fleet, complying with TAPA TSR Truck Level 1 standards, and aligns with the GDP regulations, achieving the world ISO QM Standards status. Therefore, we not only ensure a high degree of product integrity but also exist for the security of your products.

We specialize in cold chain and food transportation, offering integrated solutions across a broad geography, ranging from domestic and European markets to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia. Holding Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) certifications, we maintain a leading position in the industry, attesting to the quality of our services.

In addition to pharmaceuticals, food, health products, and disaster and humanitarian logistics, we also serve the automotive, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), advanced technology, retail, and fashion sectors. Enhancing efficiency with our GDP-compliant and Pharmaserv-certified trailers, suitable for partial and full loads of every size, we prioritize green logistics practices throughout our processes, incorporating it into our corporate culture.

Our perspective, aiming for excellence under all circumstances, has been consistently maintained over the years. We continue our efforts tirelessly to adapt this approach to the future.

Long Picture

Strong Fleet with Owned Vehicles

With our fleet of 150 owned vehicles, all of which are Volvo, we provide high-quality logistics solutions. Our Euro6 emission-compliant vehicles help minimize carbon emissions as we cover distances.

Out of our entire fleet, consisting of 150 Schmitz trailers, 7 are curtain-sided, while the rest are refrigerated trailers compliant with GDP regulations. Our shelved trailers allow us to load two separate products onto a single vehicle. With our specially equipped and partitioned vehicles, we can load up to 66 pallets. Instead of stacking the loads, we prevent damage to the products by doubling the trailer into two layers.

We have the capability to transport loads that require preservation at two different temperature levels in a single vehicle. This not only provides time efficiency but also cost advantages to our customers.

Utilizing the ELB Locking System, we maximize the cargo security for our customers. In addition, our vehicles are equipped with two independent telematics systems, a two-way communication system (24/7), GPRS-controlled security locking system, and an alarm system (panic button, door alarms, geo-fence alarms, theft alarm) for all doors, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Reliable Logistics with Quality Standards

As Transbatur, we attach great importance to certification processes that meet both national and international standards. Within the scope of our services, we undergo regular audits, reviewing all our conditions to leave no room for any deficiencies.

Our Perspective

We take on all the responsibility required by pharmaceutical and food product logistics, proceeding with meticulous care at every stage of the processes. We pay attention to every detail to ensure that these products reach the end-user in the healthiest way possible. To provide the highest quality solution at the most optimal costs, we consistently update our conditions.

Our approach is to minimize cargo losses arising from the supply chain. We achieve this by developing and implementing global security standards, technology, training, regulatory collaboration, and proactively identifying supply chain security threats. Our goal at Transbatur Logistics is to operate worldwide by providing our controlled and traceable logistics services in the best possible manner in a secure environment.

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