About Us

We, Transbatur Logistics, provide 100% security and flexibility in your logistics activities thanks to our professional cold chain control system. Since from 2002, we provide the most reliable form of transportation for your goods and products all around Europei Asia, Arabia and Middle East.

We provide high quality logistics services and other services through our local teams with which we integrated local cultural elements with international Transbatur quality standards.

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Worldwide Service

We provide logistics solutions and security services with maximum flexibility 24 hours of seven days of 365 days of a year worldwide through our extensive portfolio.

We constantly make investments in order to develop new technologies, produce solutions for your needs, improve our existing services, and to provide flexible and innovative solutions for your specific requirements.

Our Vision

Transbatur Logistics is a leader in implementing Good Distribution Practices - GDP standards in medicinal logistics. It is effective in developing innovative End-to-End solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Transbatur Logistics maintains the highest level of product integrity and provide customer satisfaction by performing all new regulations and customer requirements with expert and trained network of experts through the fastest way at all times. Your temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products are given by our experienced staff specialized in your market-specific needs.

Transbatur Logistics provides and introduces stable and effective solutions for you to reach your goals in the light of experience of over 17 years with complete services adapted to your company profile not only local, but also your globally detailed market information. Thanks to our build-up over years, Transbatur enables you to find an innovative, flexible and economical solutions for the transportation and storage of your extremely sensitive products in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our individual logistics concepts meets the highest standards of quality and flexibility in the pharmaceutical industry always compatible with market requirements. As part of integrated supply chain solutions, we ensure a strict way to comply with legal regulations as well as the GDP. Our quality management is certified for DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, GDP, C2, ISO 39001-2012, Traffic Safety and TIM Certificate of Achievement.

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Our Mission

Transbatur Logistics aims to provide reliable and highest level of pharmaceutical logistics. Quality Management System has been established to achieve our common goals and to ensure full compliance with the requirements of the GDP. Our operations guarantees the requirements in accordance with ISO 9001 to be met.

Our Quality Management System is also applicable to requirements under the Good Distribution Practice (GDP). The practices and standards stated under "Vision and Mission" for Transbatur are performed with quality management approach.


Our Advantages

SOP Compliance

Compliance with standard operating procedures is documented, published, updated and can be used by anyone.

Training Suitability

All Transbatur employees involved in drug supply chain processes are specially trained with GDP regulations.

Eligibility for Sub-Entrepreneurship

All the service providers regularly undergo training, evaluated and selected in accordance with the requirements managed.

Cooling Chain Compatibility

Transportation, shipping, warehousing, storage and distribution are all inseparable processes within scope of the Transbatur cold chain services.

Traceability Transparency, Transparency

All deviations and complaints are forwarded, documented and managed.

Our advantages